Why should I use the online application system?

By applying online, you would not need to stand in the long queue at the normal lane at Immigration. You can submit all the required documents and information and pay the visa fees from your home or office. If your E-VOA application is approved, we will forward the pre-approval code copy to your registered email address.

Which airports in Thailand provide E-VOA service?

At present E-VOA available at 4 airports in Thailand namely:

Suvarnabhumi International Airport
Don Mueang International Airport
Chiang Mai International Airport
Phuket International Airport


What is the difference between the E-VOA and the VOA at the normal lane at the Immigration counter?

    • The E-VOA is a processed and granted electronically, while the regular VOA demands you to stand in the normal lane at the immigration counter and provide your information and documents to get your visa stamped on your passport.
    • You can apply for the E-VOA from your Desktop, Laptop or Mobile phone
    • The E-VOA is valid from the date of entry as listed on the online application
    • The E-VOA is only available for Short Stay/Travel visas. For any other purpose of travel, applicant needs to apply for the regular consular Visa which has large number of subcategories that vary according to your purpose of travel
    • Your stay in Thailand with E-VOA is limited up to 15 days per trip
    • E-VOA is not an emergency visa; for an emergency visa, applicant needs to visit the nearest Embassy of Thailand.

Will I definitely get a visa if I apply online? If I get a visa, am I guaranteed entry in Thailand?

The decision to grant entry visas for Thailand is entirely at the discretion of Thai immigration officer. Apply Visa Thailand cannot guarantee that your E-VOA application will be approved. Pre-approving the visa does not guarantee entry in Thailand; the final decision is made by immigration officers at the point of entry.

Is there a minimum browser requirement?

Yes, the E-VOA can be applied through Internet Explorer 11, Google Chrome 72, Firefox 65, and Safari 12.

I did not pay attention and provided the wrong e-mail address while I filled out my E-VOA form. How do I proceed?

If you provide an incorrect e-mail address, you will not receive a Login link. Thus, your data will not be properly recorded and you have to apply once again.

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